Our Mission

Our mission is to provide businesses within the hair and beauty industry with a low cost, dedicated marketing and resource platform, enabling them to increase their visibilty within online search results and provide valuable resources for the industry.

Site Concept

Hair, Beard and Beauty is designed and operated by a digital marketing company as a marketing and resource platform for the UK hair and beauty industries. While assisting individual hair and beauty businesses with digital marketing and their online social presence, it became apparent that there was an opportunity to assist the industry on a larger scale.

The platform was initially conceived as a local business marketing tool, enabling business owners to list their businesses and services in order to benefit from highly targetted traffic to the site. By listing their businesses on the site, business owners benefit from the relevance of the site in local targetted search results. This means they effectively receive highly optimised local SEO results for their business without the continual high cost associated with optimising their own website.

Site Function

Business owners may list their business and services on an individual listing. It is the intention to make the listings as prominent as possible in relevance to local search results and to add as much value as possible for both the business owners advertising on our platform and the users utilising the search functions of the site.

Listings should contain all the relevant information a customer may need when they search for a hair or beauty service and so, in response to that need we ensured that everything was catered for in the available listings. Knowing how important social relevance and perception are, we also included a feedback and rating system for customers to leave reviews and ratings regarding their experience with any of the businesses they use.

Site expansion

It was soon realised that in order to serve the industry fully, more facilities would need to be accomodated on the platform. A decision was made to move from a marketing tool only approach, to becoming an industry resource as well.

The first objectives were to add more facilities for business owners and then to extend the type of business that could add a listing of their services. The first thing to happen was the addition of the ability for business owners to add job vacancy listings. It was felt that this would assist both business owners and job seekers alike as the site focuses directly on the industry.

We then added a training facility listing option in order to allow colleges and training facilities to list their courses and facilities. This was done with the intention of helping people wishing to start in the industry find the best training local to themselves. This facility is available but is ongoing in terms of development. There are several additions to be made to the listing criteria which are currently under development.

A recently added blog will continually receive new articles regarding hair and beauty tips, facts and products. It is the intention to not only provide the business listing owners with a valuable service but also to cater to our site visitors. Some of the contributing articles will be written by industry practictioners and business owners listed on the site, providing high quality information that will keep viewers returning and using the site.

Looking ahead

It is the intention that the site will continue to grow with more facilities to the benefit of both listing owners and visitors. Over time we will attempt to partner with colleges, businesses and relevant associations in order to develop and promote the hair and beauty industry in the UK.