Add Business

Best practices for adding a description.

Do not use a H1 heading in the description. The H1 heading is for your business listing title.

Try to keep the font size to 12pt for paragraphs, it is a Google SEO best practice for mobile device compatability and readability.

Use clear formatting with paragraphs and headings for each relevant section of your description

Do not add images, videos or audio to the description section. It will cause an error or be rejected when copied into the form description.

Enter your description as you would like it to be formatted, in the visual editor.

You can preview the layout by clicking the ‘EYE’ in the top left corner.

When you are happy with the layout, use the EDIT items to select all the text and copy it.

Click inside the ‘description’ form field on your business listing form, then paste the copied text ( press CTRL V on a PC, Command V on a Mac ) into the field.