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Are you looking for a barber near your location?

You need a website that has a dedicated database of UK barbers that you can search by location. The results can be sorted by ratings, date added or several other choices. View individual listings from the results to view the available services, prices, opening times and contact details. Directions from your location directly to the hairdressers premises are available at the click of a button. 

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Important considerations When Choosing A Barber

When choosing a new barber, what important factors do you look for?

How can you make a choice and be confident that your hair will be cut and treated as you would want.

The barbers listings on the site contain the necessary information required to help make that decision easier. Each barber’s detailed listing displays various information about the services they provide, everything from their opening hours to their special offers. 

Feel confident and better informed when choosing a barber with the accompanying customer reviews and ratings available. 

Each barbers detailed listing provides details on their services including –

  • Location
  • Opening Hours
  • Services Provided
  • Prices
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Travel Directions
  • Contact Details
  • Website
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Business Profile
  • Photos
  • Franchises

Searching By Location

The website’s search facility provides users the option to enter their location and select from various hair and beauty services in order to generate a list of businesses in their local area.

Whether searching on a mobile phone or a desktop computer, your location can be automatically detected if you have location enabled. Our software can then use your location to find your chosen service close to your location. Make sure to accept our site cookies otherwise auto location won’t work.

You can also use the search bar to search for hairdressers, beauticians and nail bars.

If you know the name of the business you are looking for, just start to type in the business name and if there is a listing in the database you will be presented with the listing details in the search bar.

image of Hair Beard and Beauty search bar

How To Filter Your Search Results

When you are presented with the list of results for barbers in your local area you can sort the results to help find the best business for your requirements.

Clicking on the default sort option will present a list of items that the results can be sorted by.

If you want to sort by highest rating or most reviews, then choose either of those options. Other sort options include sort by –

  • Tags ( including services )
  • Listed date
  • Name
  • Mobile services

Viewing The ‘Barbers Near Me’ Search Results On The Map

The search results provide a list of any barbers within the search area, with each business location displayed on the map. This allows our users to see the closest businesses to their location. When hovering over a map icon, click on it to display a summary of the business’s details.

By moving the cursor over the panel of listing details, the relevant map icon will bounce so that users can see the location of the related business.

Choosing A New Barber

Once you have the resulting tlist of barbers near you, it’s time to look through each business’s listing and make a decision on which one you will choose. Simply click on a listing in the results to open it.

You will then be taken to the barbers listing page. Whatever information the listing owner has entered will then be presented for you to view.

Read through the business description, then you can look through the services and other information before scrolling down to see any reviews or ratings left by their previous customers.

Once you have read through the listing, go back to the search results and look through the  other listings to compare different barbers.

Chosen A Barber, What’s Next?

After spending some time looking through different listings, you will hopefully have had enough information to have confidently chosen a barber.

After visiting the barber, don’t forget to come back to our site and leave a review and a rating based on your experience with the barber you visited. Leaving a review helps other users to make decisions and can be helpful for the business.

Businesses are always grateful for good reviews but your review should always be honest and accurate. Regardless of a good or bad review, always be polite and do not use bad language as your review will be removed.

Author: EricD

Lead generation consultant and website designer specialising in local service business marketing. I created Hair, Beard and Beauty as a marketing tool for hair and beauty businesses based in the UK. The website is operated by my marketing agency. If you are a local service business based in the UK and need website design or marketing visit