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How To Find Hairdressers Near You

Do you need to find a great hairdresser near your location?

What you need is a website that allows you to search a dedicated database of UK hairdressers and filter them by location. Sort the results by ratings, reviews or several other choices, then make a selection to view the available services, opening hours, prices, contact details and more. Get directions from your location directly to the hairdressers premises. 

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What Is Important To You When Choosing A Hairdresser

When entrusting your hair to a new hairdresser, what are the important factors you look for?

How do you make an informed choice and have confidence that your hair is going to receive the care and treatment it deserves?

There are many considerations when choosing a hairdresser including the services they provide, opening times and other basic facts. Important fators that have a big bias on the decision include hygene, quality of their services and their customer service.

Fortunately, the business listings on our site are full of useful information to make that decision less of a worry. The listings display all the information needed about the hairdresser, barber or beauty business, from their opening hours to their location. 

Along with customer reviews and ratings, you can make a much more informed and confident decision. 

The listings provide details on each businesses services regarding –

  • Location
  • Opening Hours
  • Services Provided
  • Prices
  • Customer Reviews and Ratings
  • Travel Directions
  • Contact Details
  • Website
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Business Profile
  • Photos
  • Franchises

Search For Hairdressers By Location

The search facility on the website allows users to enter their location and choose from various hair and beauty services to generate a list of available services in their local area. location searches can be made in areas from small towns and villages through to cities as described in this article on Manchester.

Searching on mobile or desktop, if you have positioning enabled, our software can use your location to automatically find services near your area. Be sure to accept our cookies or else auto location will not work.

Know the business you are looking for but not their location or any details about them. No problem, simply type in the business name, or even part of it and if it is in the database you will be presented with the listing details.

image of Hair Beard and Beauty search bar

Filter Your ‘Hairdressers Near Me’ Results

Once you have a list of hairdressers in your area you can filter the results to find the best match for your needs.

Clicking on the filter icon will reveal a list of items you can choose to filter by.

If great reviews or ratings are the most important then you can filter by highest rating or most reviewed. Alternatively, perhaps you want to know the newest listings or businesses that provide a mobile service.

Viewing The ‘Hairdressers Near Me’ Search Results On The Map

When a search is complete and the results are displayed, each business location is displayed on a map. This helps to easily locate the closest businesses to your location. Hover over any icon and click on it to reveal an overview of the business details.

Moving the cursor over the listing details will make the relevant map icon jump around so you can identify where each business is from its listing.

Choosing A New Hairdresser

Now you have a shortlist of hairdressers near you, it’s time to browse the listings and make a choice. Click on any listing in the search results to open it.

You will be presented with the hairdressers listing page. All of the information previously mentioned will be available to view.

Take a few minutes to read the business description and look through the services and information then scroll down to read any reviews left by previous customers.

You can always go back to the search results and open other listings to get a comparison of each hairdresser.

Choice Of Hairdresser Made, What Next?

Hopefully, after browsing the listings you will have been able to make a choice of which hairdresser you are going to use.

When booking your appointment be sure to mention that you found their business listing on Hair Beard and Beauty.

After booking an appointment and visiting the salon why not pop back to our site and leave a review and rating for the hairdresser you chose. An honest and polite review of your experience will help other users with their decisions and can be beneficial to the hairdressers business.

Author: EricD

Lead generation consultant and website designer specialising in local service business marketing. I created Hair, Beard and Beauty as a marketing tool for hair and beauty businesses based in the UK. The website is operated by my marketing agency. If you are a local service business based in the UK and need website design or marketing visit