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Add A Job Vacancy Listing



Choose from the package options. Each package has its own benefits and requirements


This package allows a business owner to list their job vacancy for free. This package has no limitations in the amount of information that can be entered. In order to be eligible for a free Job vacancy listing you must have a current paid business listing.

One Month Listing

A fully featured listing for a monthly fee. This options allows all fields and functionality within a listing. This is a single payment per month, NOT a recurring payment.

Job Title

Enter the title of the job vacancy.

Job Type

Choose the job type from the drop down selections. this refers to the employment type e.g. Apprenticeship, Part Time, full Time etc

Job Description

Enter a description of your job vacancy. This is the main area to describe all the benefits of working for your business and to list the requirements of suitable candidates. Enter whatever information you feel is relevant to your vacancy.

HBB Business Type

This displays if you have an existing business listing that entitles you to a free job vacancy listing. Choose your business listing to link to the vacancy. If you do not have a business listing you will be required to pay for a job vacancy listing and will not see this form field.


Choose or enter any common words or phrases associated with your job vacancy. These can be used as search terms in the search bar.


Click inside the field and choose any categories that apply to your business. You can choose upto 3 categories.

Default Category

From the available categories, choose the one that is your businesses primary area of business. This will determine your primary rankings within search results. Your listing will show in results for any other category your have chosen in the previous field but this selection will determine your primary area of business and its default icons.


Enter your business address details in the next few fields. If you have location enabled on your device click on the icon at the end of the field to auto generate your address. Make sure you are at your business address when you do this otherwise map position searches will be inaccurate.

The map and address fields sometimes have a habit of defaulting to the wrong REGION. This a map application error and beyond our control. A common problem is that it reverts to larger areas such as West Midlands instead of using the county. Always check everything is correct before proceeding as the search engine is location driven and someone searching by a specific area may miss your business if this information is incorrect.

Set on map

Click on this to transfer your entered details to the map locator icon. It is always worth checking the position is correct and it has not changed any of your details in the previous fields. Alternatively you can manually move the icon to your address on the map. This position is VERY important as it forms the basis of all search results.

Changes the type of map. Leave at default.

Contact Details

Add your business telephone number and email address in the fields available.


Enter your website URL. This MUST start with HTTPS:// If you do not enter this you will receive an error for the field.


Click on the field to add images for your lsiting. You can add up to 8 images. Your primary image will be used for the background featured image of your listing. If you do not have any images a default image will be used and your photo gallery area will also contain a default image.

If possible, try to avoid images over 800px wide as images automatically scale to fit the available viewport. Very large images increase the time it takes for the page to load and may cause viwers to leave your listing due to slow loading times.

Image resolution should be 72ppi ( standard camera resolution ).

If you want to resize an image you can try

Once you have selected and uploaded your images, you can click on the edit button on each image and add a title and a caption if so required. This is not displayed publically but is very useful for search engine recognition and search results. Titled and captioned images have much higher chances of returning results in relevant image searches in Google and other search engines.

The uploaded images can be dragged into the correct order in which you wish them to be displayed.

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