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Embed Ratings

In order to embed your ratings from into your own website, it is simply a matter of copying and pasting some code.

When logged in and viewing your listing, to the right of the listing page, is a list of your business contact details. Under this list are several buttons, one of which is labelled ‘get embed code’. Click on this button and a pop up form will appear.

The embed code editor

Using the options on the left of the editor, it is possible to style the ratings box to match your websites colour scheme. The updates will show in the editor. When you are happy with the styling of the ratings box, click the ‘copy code’ section at the bottom of the editor. This code will then need to be pasted into your own website at the point where you wish the ratings box to be displayed. If you are unfamiliar with how to edit your website, you can copy the code to a document and send the document to your website developer for them to insert it.

As your listing ratings are updated on, your website will dynamically update to reflect the new ratings.

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