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Quick Start Guide

What you will need

In order to create an account and add a listing you will need some basic information regarding yourself and your business.

It is first necessary to create an account. Here you will need to enter your name and some basic business details. Once an account is created you can then create a business listing. Choose ‘ Add A Business ‘ from the menu and fill in the form.

If adding a job vacancy, training company listing or industry supplier listing, simply choose that option from the menu. Different lisitngs have different fields available on the forms .

The items listed are relevant to the various fields to be filled in on the account and add a business forms and not all the items listed are relevant to every form. Some of the items listed below are optional but are best included if possible for user engagement and optimal use of the listing to promote your business.

List of information

  • Name
  • Business Name
  • Business Address
  • Business description
  • Category of business ( Hairdressing, Beauty Salon etc. )
  • List of services your business provides
  • Some images of your business
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • Social media account links
  • Intro or walk around video
  • Website
  • Any special offers to entice new customers
  • Business hours
  • Details of franchises or other premesis your business may use
  • Credit card


When you have completed the form, if you have chosen a paid subscription listing, you will be redirected to the payment form when the for is submitted. The listing will not become live until the payment is completed. The payment details are handled securely by our payment gateway provider Stripe. A leading company in subscription management and payment processing and the site has neither access to or stores any of your transactional details with regard to credit card numbers etc. We only store relative information on payment status for your Hair, Beard and Beauty account for listing control, accounting and invoicing requirements.

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