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Using the Advanced Editor

Use the advanced editor to add formatted text with headings and paragraphs to better display your business description.


EYE Icon

The EYE icon opens a popup window with a preview of the textbox content.


The DOTS icon toggles the edit functions on and off. Click to display the fields.


The EDIT toggle shows options for copying, pasting and selecting items in the textbox.

Editor functions

Font choice

This dropdown allows the choice of font for your description text. System font keeps the font the same as the main font used on the site.

Font Size

Choose a font size for your headings and paragraphs. Paragraphs default to an mobile optimised size but can be changed. default heading sizes can be out of proportion depending on the chosen font size. Choose a size that balances with your chosen paragraph size. Use the preview for a more accurate assessment.


This icon adds a table to your textbox. Tables are ideal for holding comparable data and multipart lists such as prices and services. Use the options to add rows and columns as needed

Undo / Redo

Undo or redo your last actions.

Font decoration options

B allows any selected text to be displayed as Bold

U allows any selected text to be displayed with an underscore

I allows any selected text to be displayed in italic

S allows any selected text to be displayed with a strikethrough


The two list options allow numbered and ordered lists to be inserted in the textbox. Enter a line and press enter to start a new list item. When you have finished the list unclick the list icon to stop adding more items.


This allows the printing of the textbox should it be needed.

Adding text to the form

When you have added your text and are satisfied with the layout and composition it is time to add the the text to the ‘description’ form field.

Click EDIT and choose ‘ Select All’

Either click EDIT again and select ‘copy’ or press CTRL C in Windows or command C on a Mac to copy the text.

Move the cursor over the ‘Description’ form field and click in the field. Press CTRL V on a pc or command V on a Mac to paste the formatted text into the form field.

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