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Why Do You Charge For Listings

Paid Listings

We only offer detailed listings as a paid service for several reasons.

  • We are a business
  • We provide a valuable service
  • We advertise the site

We are a business

The site is owned and operated by a digital marketing company as a marketing tool and resource for the hair and beauty industry. As a business we obviously need to make a profit on the work we put in to supply the service and to cover the costs of hosting and maintaining the site.

We provide a valuable service

The website provides highly targeted traffic searching for the exact businesses and services listed on the site. In order to receive the same amount of relevant visitors to a businesses own website, it would require either an outlay of several hundred pounds a month to a marketing agency for SEO and paid social media advertising or a lower amount of capital expenditure but with a significant additional time cost to perform the same operations.

To get a business ranked in Googles search results takes time, effort and knowledge. Local business and service search is one of the fastest growing trends for search results. Not only within Google but across several other large search engines such as Chrome, Bing and more privacy oriented search engines such as DuckDuckGo. In Google alone there are between 100,000 and 1,000,000 searches for ‘hairdressers near me’ every month in the UK alone. There are comparable search volumes for the other businesss listed on the site. With that amount of potential traffic, it is easy to understand why a business listed on Hair, Beard and Beauty would benefit greatly.

For a very small monthly fee, businesses can access that relevant search traffic without the cost of SEO and paid advertising services for their own site.

We advertise the site

There has been a trend for ‘business directories’ to be promoted as a startup business model available to anyone who can build a website with the various tools available. This however has led to a multitude of problems.

A lot of people have seen the business model as an easy way to make some cash without putting in any work, simply make the directory, get businesses to list and either charge for the listings or flood the site with adverts. This has led Google to make significant changes to the relevance it places on business directories in its search results, with most directories never showing in results, regardles of whether they are relevant or not. This has made it difficult to rank genuine business directories within the search results. We however, are committed to ensuring that Hair, Beard and Beauty functions as a fully optimised marketing tool and resource site for the hair and beauty industry.

Not only this but advertising agencies charge for backlinks when providing SEO services and place links through these sites as a way of gaining backlinks to their clients sites. While the links may show up in SEO tools such as MOZ and Semrush etc, the actual value of these links is pretty worthless in terms of actual search engine optimisation. This is because the websites have a very low authority in Googles perception. This is sometimes called domain authority, a term coined by one of the SEO tool providers. One link from a website with a high domain autority is worth hundreds of links form these non authoritive sites. Wouldn’t you trust a reference for a site from a company like L’oreal or over a reference from a small site that you have never heard of.

As a marketing company we understand the task in trying to rank the site for better placement in the search rankings. As a new website that is still undergoing expansion, the ranking is not where we want it to be but we are constantly working on optimising the site and improving it to reach the top of the results. Sites such ‘Trust A Trader’ etc are proof that business directories can be very succesful for both the users and the operators of the site.

While in house SEO is more of a time cost than monetary expenditure for us, the cumulative funds from the business subscriptions are not left in the bank for payday. A significant proportion of these funds are used for social media advertising to drive traffic while the SEO optimisation gains traction. Once the site is ranking properly we intend to continue with paid advertising as we believe in providing value to our subscribers and supplying them with as many site visitors as possible.

Ad spend across multiple social media platforms can be expensive and as more businesses join our platform, the more funds we have to advertise with. This improves the value we can offer both advertising businesses, in terms of the amount of targeted visitors we bring to the site and the visitors to the site, in terms of the amount of relevant search results we can offer.

The site will be promoted organically across several social media platforms with the aim of getting people to use the site for searching for hair and beauty services rather than generic Google searches.

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